King Philip and Macri inaugurated the Congress of the Tongue


The king of Spain and Mauricio Macri will be responsible for inthink officially the International Congress of the Spanish Language (CILE)is performed for the second time in Argentina. In this opportunity, the event will take place in Córdoba at the end of march: its historical epicenter will be the headquarters of all the events and activities planned. In total will be ten days that will show a programming extensive and varied.

Under the motto “America and the future of Spanish”, raised a diversity of activities that have Spanish as the center of the issue. “The theme has to do with that in Spain we consider that the future of Spanish is in America and it will be what America wants it to be” explains Sonia Pérez Marco, head of the department of press and communication of the Instituto Cervantes.

From panels and roundtable discussions –in which will participate more than 250 individuals and academic researchers from the five continents, up to andspectáculos by Les Luthiers, Nuria Espert –that will make an interpretation of Romance Gypsy– and other artists, the EIGHTH edition of the Congress is intended as an activity for everybody. The pair of academic programming (27 to 30 march), they will also develop the “Festival of the Word” (20 to 30 march), which will include various cultural and educational activities, the “Ibero-american Seminar of Journalism and Communication” (25 and 26 march), and the “Conference for teachers of Spanish” (25 and 26 march).

According to the Cervantes Institute, Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world after chinese: it is the mother tongue for approximately 480 million people worldwide (7.6% of the population). “It is probably the single axis of identity that can compete with the English. And there are 23 nations with that trait in common, that they are going to discuss in the Congress, that is why it is so important”, explains Pérez Frame.

The language will be represented from different themes: from the literature, journalism and education to the indigenous tongues, and politics. To do honor to the multiplicity of themes, there will also be characters of all types: king Felipe VI and his wife will open the Congress along with Macri, Vargas Llosa, Kovadloff and other personalities. Writers such as Jorge Fernández Díaz, and Claudia Piñeiro will be present with popular characters like Alejandro Dolina and Joaquín Sabina.

The event is taking place in Cordoba it is not less. With the participation of the government of the Province, the Municipality and the National University of Córdoba in the organising committee –in conjunction with the Cervantes Institute, the RAEthe ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Education, among others– coordinated “night in cordoba” and it will show a “dictionary cordobés”, a research coordinated by Cristina Dalmagro and Maria Teresa Toniolo –with the participation of more than one hundred researchers– which brings together phrases, idioms and words of the speech of people. Next to a Book fair in the Plaza San Martín –in the image and likeness of the traditional local– and activities in theatres, cultural centers, libraries and schools of the province there will be a strong imprint of cordoba –and Argentina– in the International Congress.

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