Kylie Jenner drops the bikini top ¡while recording video!


March 24, 2020
(15:10 CET)

Kylie Jenner is following to the letter the confinement has been imposed in California by the coronavirus. Yes, unlike many of his followers, the celebrity american have square metres to spare to not get overwhelmed.

A Kylie that, by very superficial that may seem, on many occasions, “the head is very nicely furnished”, as pointed out by many of their most faithful fans. And he showed a few days ago posting a message in their stories in which was located his followers to stay at home to prevent further spread of the virus.

“I hope everyone is feeling well. Right now it is so important to stay in quarantine to ensure that we are not putting ourselves in danger to ourselves or anyone else that can not handle this virus,” he noted.

The video in bikini

Yes, for much that is ‘locked’ in their home, or, better said, their mansion California, Jenner do not lose the habit of leaving his followers with the mouth open with their photos and their videos through the social networks.

In this case it was a video in which we see her wearing a bikini, how not to, does not make another thing that to boost their bulky curves. Images that have generated many comments on social networks.


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On the one hand, their most faithful fans that talk about it as a “Goddess”, “woman perfect” and “One of the most sensual women on the planet”. However, as expected, their haters have also appeared on the scene criticizing the frivolity that shows Kylie caring more for his tan than for the situation States United states as well as a good part of the world.

“People are dying and this taking the sun,” “once more it is shown that in this family have no respect for anyone”, “To see if you burn a while, my daughter with the sun,” “What little shame showing off in these difficult times” or “If it is that this woman will take away your body and stays in nothing…” are some of them.