Kylie Jenner takes it all and is recorded taking a shower! Watch the video


March 24, 2020
(19:33 CET)

Kylie Jenner does not rest in times of quarantine, although in your defense, you only need a camera and the Internet to move millions of followers in any part of the world. A video is the one that has come to the fore in these days of the young entrepreneur as he removed everything in the shower. There are few things better than to spend the free time watching the majesty of the californian.

No one imagined that they would show in a shower, but it is the custom for Kylie end up surprising everyone with their publications.

It was a video in where you note how it removes everything, and, when we talk about everything, we mean your hair extensions. Very few had been able to see Jenner without this support aesthetically pleasing, because, he confesses that from the age of 15 years not presented to the natural. 7 years in total that you did not know the true look of your hair. This leads to think that would not be the only part that does not show matter-of-factly to your audience.

Equally, their faithful will not reject his touch-ups to enhance your physique, in fact, the praise.

Kylie Jenner gives techniques to pass the quarantine

For all represents a new situation to be forced to not leave the house for a long time, so Kylie has wanted to give recommendations for the days to pass in a fun way.

“During the pregnancy I saw movies, read books, organized full days of spa and gave me a pretty long baths. I wore a mask, looked after my skin and hidrataba my hair. Also did many puzzles, I think they are very undervalued,” said Kylie Jenner looking to raise the spirits of all. Finally, revealed to be watching also series, including Westworld. It all depends on the way each having to deal with the situation, although clearly the comforts of Kylie at home are much higher than the rest of mortals.