Kylie Jenner the lia in the quarantine with this photo in a bikini. Attention!


March 25, 2020
(12:10 CET)

Kylie Jenner is one of the affected indirect by the coronavirus. And it is that, while it is true that the celebrity is not that it is one of the infected, yes that is passing the quarantine at your home.

Luckily for her, her fortune has allowed him to live in a mansion, in which, of course, will not have any problem to be able to stroll, stretch the legs and unwind.

However, surely due to the fact of not being able to get out of your house, very large, to Kylie he has entered the nostalgia of the beach and the sun. That is why, knowing in addition that the photo was going to petar, has chosen to share with their followers an image in which we see her in a beach paradise.

The photo of Kylie Jenner

An image to which the sister of Kim Kardashian accompanies the following text: “I wish this were me in these moments”. It seems more than apparent that Jenner, I’d be enjoying the high temperatures and boasting of curves in the beach that is not in his mansion locked.

The image, as you well know celebrity before giving you click the publish button, it has petado. Among other things because, as is usual in these cases, all of which are photos or videos in the small ‘klan’ boasts curves, the success in networking is amazing.

In less than 24 hours has already achieved, eye, almost 9 million likes and thousands of comments. Comments such as “My mother this woman is a goddess”, “Brutal”, “I also would like to be there with you”, “What currvas has Kylie Jenner”, “you’re the best Kylie”, “In a few weeks these will pass and you’ll be able to be there”, “It’s perfect” or “A very good way to remain viral on the networks Kylie, good for you” because flying down the nets next to a publication that, since then, it’s going to keep adding likes by leaps and bounds.