LAUGHING a LOT – Mau and Ricky enjoy their time in quarantine doing Tik Tok


The duo of brothers singers Mau and Ricky it is also fun in Tik Tok as the days go by of quarantine for the coronavirus.

Venezuelans Mau and Ricky, sons of the renowned singer Ricardo Montaner, returned to show his playful side and his exuberant sense of humor to enjoy the hours as they pass the days of quarantine for the coronavirus.

It seems that these creoles are suffering of the same evil that the rest of the artists and there has been no more nothing to do to pass the time in the days of lockdown, so I went to the network Tik Tok to make their interpretations, and displaying them to the public, gaining laughter and lots of good comments on the part of his followers.

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The first in posting your material was Mau. The singer posed several times in front of the mirror with a makeup you do see one of his eyes swollen. While some followers were concerned thinking that it was something real, others enjoyed the episode laughing at the comments.

Ricky not far behind and he preferred to demonstrate his talent for dance. “When I’m in quarantine and Mau and Ricky say that dance #MeEnamora!”, wrote in his journal.

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