Limay Blanco sends a message to Kim after his words to Miguel Diaz-Canel by the coronavirus in Cuba


The comedian Limay Blanco it has been one of the many cubans who were surprised with the singer urban Kim Hidalgo Bridges after the words that he spoke some days ago in the social networks that would send a resounding message to the President of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel on the occasion of the crisis that lives on the island by the pandemic coronavirus.

The comedian, also known by all as Muñi Muñi, uploaded a video to your profile on Instagram in which he wanted to publicly recognize the initiative that took the reguetonero draw the face by his people from Cuba, and to thank him personally before the eyes of all his followers.

“Brother, this is the second time that I speak of you. And once more, say what the people say, talk about what people talk, I take off the hat and the nasobuco or the mask before you. My brother, my respects,” said Limay.

Kim did not hesitate to contact Limay in the publication through a comment in which he stressed that he did from the heart and thinking of “our people”.

“Many thanks bro, I’ve only done what my heart and the feeling of our people was asking me, a thousand blessings Limay and mutual respect wild,” wrote a member of Kim and Dany in the post from the comedian.

Instagram / Limay Blanco

In the video reference was made to Limay, the interpreter of Browse picturesque to his fans and talked about the difficult situation that crosses the island for the propagation of the COVID-19. Also, he said that his statements were dedicated the President of Cuba Miguel Díaz-Canel, who according to the artist of reggaeton, you should act better and ensure the good of his people.

“This is a message specifically for the President of Cuba is called the mr. Díaz-Canel, with a lot of respect. This has nothing to do with either communism or capitalism, this has to do with realism, with things humanitarian, with things of the people, with the people, because this virus has nothing to do with anything”, “this virus came to test the human being,” he exclaimed.

The reguetonero touched several topics, such as the closure of schools that fortunately, because it was decreed. It also used its media to make an appeal to the social conscience, and ask their fans to please not leave their homes, even knowing the difficulties they face to purchase food and products of first necessity and hygiene are critical to combating the virus.

“Every day there are queues in the street by the problem of food. This is to avoid people to have those crowds in public places, try to put a law for people to not be on the street by choice, that the people to stay in their house and that does not meet that put fine,” he added.