Live the tale premieres “animal Planet”


The popular series of cuban television Live the story premiered on his YouTube channel Pamphilus and More a new chapter called Animal planet.

This episode introduced viewers to the island on Monday, march 23, a new adventure of Pamphilus Epiphanius, and its charismatic residents of the neighbourhood in havana.

On this occasion, Rupert, Checkbook and Pamphilus go to the house of the latter to see a documentary about the animal kingdom and begin to remember the era in which they were eating lobsters and other marine species in the Caribbean of great quality.

After watching the documentary, Pamphilus goes to the kitchen to prepare a wash of brown and Rupert begins to convince Checkbook go together to the Guanahacabibes Peninsula to care for turtles and see Cachita, who is spending a few days in the western region on the island of Cuba.

However, Panfilo do not listen to the conversation and believes that the two want to go to deals and reservations to hunt these animals illegally, something that begins to awaken their concern.

On the other hand, Isidore, the nephew of Rupert, is very proud of his uncle to know that you have a vein sensitive as him for wanting to go to Pinar del Rio to take care of the turtles.

Isidoro is at the house of Pamphilus, and begin to speak of the initiative of his uncle and next to Checkbook comes to a conclusion quite different.

The young think that the two are walking in the other thing and that is iran to the Peninsula of Guanahacabibes to get away from the city and the neighbors to be able to give free rein to their romance.

Rupert and Checkbook begin to prepare for your trip and decide to invite to Panfilo with the idea that you get “a to him also”, a reference to which will be presented to a bride pinareña.

Panfilo continues to believe that it’s about killing loggerhead and begins to take action in the matter. Rupero and Checkbook get permission to travel to Guanahacabibes and Pamphilus explodes before the eyes of all the neighbors.

How will the three traveling to Pinar del Rio? Don’t miss the last chapter of Living story.