Look at the amazing before and after Adele


The british singer Adele Laurie Blue Adkins, rose to fame over ten years ago with a heavenly and powerful voice, that made her the winner of the acclaim is universal and a successful career in which his physique was never an impediment for his talent stood out.

Now, with a surprising and renewed appearance, the artist does need to remember what it looked like in its beginnings.

It has been the transformation of Adele

The young woman, who since childhood had shown an interest in music, had not put a foot out of the BRIT School of Performing Arts and Technology in 2006, when he was already signing his first record contract.

In 2008 he released his debut album 19with the that would be deserving in 2009, the Grammy for best new artist and best female pop vocal performance with his hit Chasing Pavements; however, the successes do not stop here and the name “Adele” would be a benchmark of quality in the pop industry.

Already in 2011, premiered 21, the album that consolidated his fame with some of the most iconic of the decade as Someone like you and Rolling in the deep.

In fact, it was granted with several records Guinness and a host of awards with his music. Among the more notable features is a Golden globe and a Oscar by the song that he recorded for the movie number 23, James Bond, Skyfall, in 2013.

In 2015 he published his production 25, which contained the worldwide hit Hello. According to the BBC, was the production to be sold that year.

The opinion of Adele on your body

Adele has never been afraid to talk about your body image and demonstrated on several occasions that that does not undermine your self-esteem. In fact, in 2009, gave an interview to Daily Mail where he said:

I’ve never been insecure, ever, about how I lookabout what I want to do with myself. My mother told me that only do things for myself, not for others”.

Similarly, in 2012, the famous designer of Chanel Karl Lagerfeld he said that he was “a little fat” to which was not slow in responding.

“I never wanted to appear on the cover of magazines. I represent the majority of women and I am very proud of that“he People, according to published Marie Claire.

“Lose weight if you were an actress and had to play a role in which it is assumed that weights 40 pounds less, but the weight has nothing to do with my career. Even when I was signing (a contract), most of the industry knew if anyone dared to tell me (to lose weight), they would not be working with me, ” he said brimming with confidence.

When he began to lose weight Adele?

In 2012 the star gave birth to her first and only child so far, Angelo, product of his relationship with Simon Konecki. Adele and the businessman were married in 2016, but unfortunately in 2019, the couple announced their separation and divorce.

Although the year after receiving his son confessed that he was taking care of his health and leaving some habits, such as smoking, it would be from his separation with Konecki that the weight loss of the multi-award winning artist would noticeable and dramatic.

The drastic metamorphosis of Adele

The first image that impacted their followers in social networks was in October, a month after you file for divorce, during the birthday party of Drake. The singer rose to his account in Instagram a snapshot where you can see the thinness of his face.

Shortly after, in December, should capture the attention of the whole world with a few photos on the presumption that his slender and new figure in a stylish black dress.

The most dramatic pictures come a month after, during their vacation New Year on a beach in Anguilla, where the woman of 31 years stands out so defined and marked that it is see your face and to highlight the clavicles. Some fans expressed their concern about his health before the radical change in just a few months.

Fu also during this time that he would confess to a fan that I had lost about 45 kilograms.

In January, still continue generating headlines for his aspects almost unrecognizable. During an after-party of the 92 edition of the academy Awards, Adele is presented in a slim fit outfit of animal print with accounts in which his small waist was an object of envy.

“It seemed to herself but also very different: beautiful, but almost unrecognizable,” a source told People.

What the reason to lose weight that way after so many years? Adele wanted to be orna healthy mother for his small sonso that changed his style of life.

Earlier this year, an anonymous informant revealed to the magazine: “It’s easy to focus on your physical transformation, but this is really about something bigger. It got to the point that he was not feeling great. I knew I had to change something, because you want to be the mother healthy as possible“said the insider.