Luis Fonsi wants Kelly Clarkson to learn Spanish for the continuation of “Softly”?


Luis Fonsi it was until “The Voice”, because he heard that Kelly Clarkson I wanted to speak Spanish. So that left him with a an application with which the singer and judge will be able to practice.

The bad thing is that Kelly is put to practice all the time, intercepted by the people of the production of “The Voice”to teach them how it’s going with their sentences and now has speaking Spanish and repeating the entire study.

Of course, Luis Fonsi, as a teacher and coach “The Voice” it is equally demanding with their friends and colleagues of the musical environment, could it be that you intend to pass a “test” to the beloved Kelly?

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Or maybe it’s a plan with end goal and Fonsi in reality you are submitting to Clarkson to a hard training to both sing in the future as the continuation of “Softly”, it would not be a bad idea, don’t you think?

Very soon, lets see singer-songwriter and star Luis Fonsi to occupy his chair on “The Voice” in its new edition that will start on the 19 of January, where it will accompany a more by Alejandra Guzman, Carlos Vives and Wisínjust for Telemundo.


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