Luis Silva celebrates the birthday of his daughter at home and without friends for the coronavirus


The popular cuban actor Luis Silva has given an example of social awareness after the spread of the coronavirus in Cuba and has celebrated the birthday of her daughter Pilar at home without family or friends by the quarantine.

As has ceased to see in your profile of Facebook in a video that went up to his profile, the artist, his wife, Yari, and the eldest son of the couple, held an intimate celebration at home on the anniversary of the small and all together they sang congratulations in the sofa with a cake.

When the time came to blow out the candles, the charge of giving life to the old man Panfilo Epiphanius in the series Live the story made a gesture of preventive health care very intelligent response to the threat of the coronavirus to remind you of a Pillar that was not a good time of blowing, so that on this occasion apagarían the fire using a fan.

“There will be time to celebrate with cousins and friends. Today has to be that way. Congratulations to Pilar today 23 is birthday”, wrote the actor next to the audiovisual material.

The exemplary gesture of caution that had Luis Silva and his family for the feast of Pilar, not only has become viral in the network with almost a thousand shares in just a few hours, but which has earned the applause and gratitude of his followers to have become a role model for all the cubans.

As shown by the countless messages that he has received the actor in the publication of the video, among which are some beautiful words, such as:

“In addition to the congratulations to the princess, how nice that there are people like you. In a simple home video, how many messages are transmitted and most of you who follow many people. A hug and to stay at home. Please”, “Many congratulations to your girl. Well done, you have to stay in the homes, this is the only way to avoid the contagion, let my people cuban, God will protect you”, “Thank you for using your platform and a familiar date as beautiful to launch a positive message and awareness to this difficult situation in which we live. You are an example to follow. Thank you” or “Bravo for this family. Because there will be moments to celebrate. Congrats to that girl in your meets. A huge greeting to you and your beautiful family Luis. We now have to be isolated. We’ll be back to celebrate and to get together when all this happens”, just to mention a few.

In addition to singing congratulations to Pilar, Luis Silva and her family are also taking advantage of the free time to spend more time together. The artist also shared a beautiful image he could see the four at a table playing cards and enjoying the company.

Next to the photo, the star of Live the story again remember to its fans the importance of staying in their homes and not to go out to the street, to avoid the contagion and the spread of coronavirus.

“Make up your own Olympic Games at home. Playing cards, parcheesi, dominoes, whatever. But stay at home, my people! Don’t go out to the street by taste. There will be time. Health for all”, reiterated the comedian next to the snapshot.