Maria Leon spear challenge on Instagram to the rhythm of “Love is Illegal”


María León cause a stir in Instagram to help them cope with the shelter volunteer for Coronavirus, a situation that has already lasted for more than 1 week for many citizens of Mexico and that give way to the new challenge of the singer to stand on of hands for 30 seconds with the song “Amor Illegal”.

The Sergeant Leon he confessed that the most healthy thing is to see this isolation from another point of view, which meant that, in his words, put you head to change the perspective of life, being the chorus of his single “Amor Illegal” an option to meet your challenge on Instagram.

Let us remember that Mary Leon is a professional dancer, even the pole dance is a discipline that is practiced daily from the comfort of your home, so it is expected that the famous mexican want to share your joyful mood with their fans and more in compensation to postpone their Unbreakable Tour of 2020.

The challenge of María León on Instagram

The famous singer of “Dog Love” gave the example, for the #HandstandChallenge, this when standing on of hands without the help of the wall and showing off their flexibility; video, which has already exceeded the 53 thousand reproductions on Instagram along with a large amount of comments I accepted the challenge.

Angelique Boyer was one of the celebrities who commented to make the test, just have to wait for the help of his partner Sebastian Rulli in order to be a witness of their skills, which has been hypothesized previously in their social networks, since the few yoga classes that he shared to his fans.

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“Beauty… I’m going to try when you are with my love to help me. No one like you Maria Leon”