Mario Casas (‘Home’): “The first thing I’ll do when I finish the confinement will be going to the movies”


How things can change in a matter of days. Earlier this month, Javier Gutierrez and Mario Casas were going to cross the red carpet at the Malaga film Festival with ‘Home’, the new film from Netflix, directed by the brothers Pastor. Luckily for them, this psychological thriller will arrive without delays, by being a production of the streaming platform. And the promotion has gone from Malaga to their classrooms.

The two actors we receive, video call through, was very happy (under the circumstances) in their confinements at home. We asked them for that Javier Gutierrez so twisted, that will make the life of the character Mario Casas a hell, and all because he is the new tenant of the house that the character of Gutierrez lost by not being able to continue paying for it. Surprisingly, it is not the character that more “has contamiando” Javier Gutierrez, tells us.

What will happen after?

Inevitably we talk about the current situation, and especially of how they see the film industry during and after that we move beyond the pandemic situation. Mario Casas is clear that people will continue going to the cinema and, in fact, confesses: The first thing I’ll do when I finish the confinement will be going to the movies. Javier Gutierrez is not so optimistic.


In the interview we talk about their recommendations of movies and series for these days, we have the cameo of the bitch Mario Casas and line by line, this psychological thriller, ‘Home’, which arrives on Netflix march 25. A movie that, according to Houses, “it will go very well having a really bad”.