Marvel will have a superhero is not binary and his name has raised a lot of controversy


Marvel continues to wanting to lead the fight for the inclusion within the world of superheroes, this is no longer something that caught you by surprise. Although it is true that many times have been limited to small details or conversations too forced and stereotypical. Now, waiting for the promise of the first hero openly gay in ‘Eternals’, the House of Ideas has released a new proposal.

Snowflake and Safespace

It is the first superhero not binary black race that will be part of the group “The New Warriors”. A bet very brave for the diversity if it were not for the way in which it has done. It turns out that since the company has decided that he would do well as the name “Snowflake”. Literally translated as “snowflake”, the term is used in English as a pejorative to refer to people that feel unique, vulnerable emotionally and are incapable of adapting to adverse situations.

If this outside little, Snowflake will come from the hand of Safespace, his brother. Another term is badly chosen, since it is used to refer to environments where marginalized minorities can be safe. This is characterized by being a male athlete that complement the Snowflake to the time of the fight. Safespace is able to generate force fields with which to defend themselves, while Snowflake can crystallize as snowflakes and turn them into a sort of ninja stars tremendously harmful.

Bad acceptance

The poor choice of names also defined in excess of your condition and the awkwardness of not being able to create a superhero not binary able to fend for itself has caused a good amount of negative reactions.

“Personally I love to see how two white men cis at Marvel have created a character black is not binary so-called “Snowflake” in the year of our lord 2020″.

“SNOWFLAKE and SAFESPACE. Marvel is insulting how bad they are these character designs. What if we have a character interesting and cool that turns out to be non-binary instead of a full identity based on how we identify? Condescension at its best”.

“Why what in the hell-flames to the first characters no binary Marvel’s “Snowflake” and “Safespace”? I don’t know if it has been for some purpose but it seems a joke in bad taste. At first glance I thought that this was a project of graphic design by computer”.