Miley Cyrus la lía party with celebrities during the quarantine period. Watch the video! (and you have hours)


March 25, 2020
(16:00 CET)

When a pandemic such as the coronavirus forces millions of people to stay confined in their house, the imagination appears from under the stones to make the time not pass so slowly.

But of course, luckily, today the Internet helps that we are all connected, and that, in these hard times, boredom is not so deep. In this sense, as you would expect, we have seen how they have become viral to a whole series of challenges as the of give 10 touches with the feet of a roll of toilet paper.

However, there are brilliant minds that, in these moments, are always one step ahead. And Miley Cyrus is, without a doubt, one of them. A Miley that has decided to entertain his followers with a ‘program’ through his Instagram in which, with the phone as a camera and a makeshift tv studio in his home, among his followers.

The feast of Miley Cyrus

An idea that, as they say many of their followers, so could only have come out of a mind that is as particular as that of Miley. Yes, the success is still more than thunderous.

Among other things because Miley, who knows very well how to attract the audience, has opted for the opposite with co-workers, celebrities that come into direct through the networks of their ‘program’.

And eye, because we are talking about names like Hailey Baldwin, Demi Lovato, Dua Lipa or Rita Ora, among many others. An idea which, as expected, has resulted in all kinds of reactions.

From what the branded “bright” to those who see in it “one more way that has Miley Cyrus to get attention”. What is certain is that some of the ‘programs’ that we’ve hung in your account accumulate to more than a million visits. Will this coronavirus is a new opportunity for Miley reconduzca your career? We’ll see.