Myrka Dellanos: His daughter, Alexa fears for his life as he says is at risk


The famous TV presenter, Myrka Dellanos, is continuing to work the program “A new day” of Telemundo this week after the low of Adamari Lopez , who is thought tenpia the coronavirus, although it was already confirmed that it was not.

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For this reason your daughter has been worried and even said that she is in danger by continuing their work in these terms.

The morning program has been very different to what we are acostrumbrados, as this week the majority of the information focused on the pandemic of coronavirus.

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What brings concern to the Alexa Dellanos is that in spite of that in the united States has been forbidden to leave the house, many still go out to work, exposing themselves to the contagion of the COVID-19. By this her daughter Alexa Dellanos, expressed his great concern for his mother, who is an example of life for her.

“God bless my mom who risks his life every day to report the news for 4 hours in live tv. My inspiration”, he wrote in one of his stories from his Instagram Official.

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On the other hand, your companion, cheerleader puerto rican, Adamari López, after ua week wait for the results of the test of the COVID-19, finally confirmed that he gave a negative.

“I finally came the results of the test that I did to know if you had the #coronavirus and as expected it came out NEGATIVE!!! Continue taking the precautionary measures recommended by the authorities. The next week I reincorporo to my work in @unnuevodia to continue informing us with the latest from this virus, and with all the news and experts on this and other topics. Thank you for being aware of my health, and for their love. I love them so much! #FamiliaCostaLopez #covid_19 #quedateencasa #unnuevodia”, wrote in his journal in his account of Instagram.

Although Adamari does not have the disease do not know if someone most of the production has the virus, it should be remembered that in the early days and some people do not exhibit symptoms, however, have to wait and see what happens and hopefully no one gets affected.