Najwa Nimri drastically changes their look during the quarantine


In moments of anxiety is usual to have recourse to a change of look endit , they will know many people who have cut themselves the bangs. The actress and singer Najwa Nimri has gone a step further.

Nimri has shared with his followers his new and original hairstyle. The actress has shaved all the back of his head and it has left the bangs and the ponytail. In the message she says has been a medical condition which has driven passed the razor: “I hurt so much cervical that I snuff to be able to masajearme”.

Najwa Nimri drastically changes their look during the quarantine

However, his fans believe that the inspiration may have come from one of their movies. A few days ago, Nimri retuiteó a follower that I was watching one of his movies. In the tape, 1995, ‘Leap into the void’ Najwa Nimri played Alex and sported the shaved head. We would be more clear if it is referring to this film by Daniel Calparsoro if I had taken advantage of to write any word in the nape of the neck.

Najwa double

This April we will be able to see Najwa return to his role as Zulema in ‘Vis a vis: The oasis’ next to Maggie Civantos. The series premieres on FOX next April 20. And before that, we can see it in your other alter ego, the inspector of police, Alicia Sierra in ‘The house of paper’. The fourth part of this series from Netflix premieres April 3. We’ll see if Alicia manages to trap members of the Resistance before you get out of accounts.