New parody of the comedian cuban Javier Berridy


The comedian cuban Javier Berridy has made him a song by way of parody to the “quarantine”, the necessary period we are going through in the interests of preventing the spread of coronavirus.

“I’ve been a month in quarantine, always with the mouth full, I think I’m going to roll”, says the new issue of Berridy, who takes as a pretext the popular song “The King”, the mexican Vicente Fernandez.

“Puñetera quarantine, from the couch to the fridge, I do not stop to swallow,” says the song.

Despite the humor that follows the theme, Berridy leaves a clear message to all their followers, and that is the need to stay at home despite the fact that we do not like it.

Previously, the comedian, cuban also tried to take the funny side at the time which we live before the pandemic coronavirus.

The comedian he pulled out one of the big concerns that has brought with it the COVID – 19 and that is the lack of toilet paper that suffer the majority of the commercial establishments in each of the affected countries due to the hoarding of citizens before the alarm of economic crisis and confinement.

Berridy made a successful adaptation of the musical, “And how is he”, the singer-songwriter, composer, producer and Spanish writer Jose Luis Perales, but by keeping and using the characteristic melody of the song.

So far, there are more than 407.000 cases and over 18,000 deaths in 185 countries around the world because of the coronavirus.

Though these days are difficult, some have turned to humor as an antidote to despair.

The comedian cuban Otto Ortiz uploaded a funny video to his YouTube channel under the title “Love in the time of coronavirus”, in which he shows a short scene between husband and wife after the arrival of the virus.

“My love, since that is the coronavirus that here nothing is done. A month of diet sexual,” says Otto Ortiz while you comb your hair in front of the mirror.

“Come now, but wash gel antibacterial everything,” says the woman.