NO MATTER THE AGE – Marlene Rodriguez, wife of Ricardo Montaner, looks her sexy figure on Instagram


Marlene Rodriguez is the wife of Ricardo Montaner and the mother of his three children, and despite already having quite a few years over, the woman isn’t afraid of a bikini and a camera.

In recent days, Marlene Rodriguezthe wife of the singer venezuelan Ricardo Montanerwas a trend in the social networks due to that many internet users criticized your physical appearance on Instagram, arguing that it already looked quite a bit more to the interpreter while Montaner I could still give battle.

As expected, your husband defended from these criticisms, and to supplement has now also published a photo where Marlene is lying on a yacht with a dress that doesn’t leave much to the imagination and makes it clear that enjoys a stunning body even at his 62 years of age.

With these photographs, Rodriguez wanted to prove to his followers that is “rejuvenating”after the criticism that you received for your physical appearance for the image that appears next to your husband and your daughter Evaluna that circulated on Instagram. This publication generated a myriad of positive comments among her fans.

In fact, the venezuelan artist made it clear that you always will love you, also wanted to show their impression by writing “Your legs ufffffff aunt good!”.

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