Oh rude!!! Sea of Regil called NACOS mexicans for this reason (VIDEO)


Sea of Regilthe daughter of famous actress Barbara de Regil came back to surprise us in the social networks, but on this occasion, for having insulted the mexicans with a few racist comments in a video of TikTok.

It turns out that several ‘tiktokers’ have been strongly criticised for revealing actions that according to your perspective make a person in the “nacos and that revealed in a video that has gone viral on social networks.

It is noteworthy that many videos emerge on the Internet, and revolutionizing the social networks; however, there is one that has begun to circulate, since that has caused great outrage and controversy among netizens that have called class.

All arose when they released a video in the app TikTok, where several ‘tiktokers’ reveal some of the actions that according to your perspective, make a person “nacos”, which has been welcomed by hundreds of netizens and have strongly criticized that there are people like these young people.

Sea of Regil is labelled Racist

The most surprising thing is that in this video that has become viral and highly criticized appears Mar de Regil, the daughter of the actress and star fitness mexican Bárbara de Regil, who has been strongly criticized by the netizens as they consider their comments as attacks, elitist, and to some extent discriminatory.

But that’s not all it has also highlighted another video in specific that has earned the scorn of Twitter users and is launched by the influencer, called Mau Otero, who assured that “paying with coins and wear a pirate is tragic“.

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It should be noted that it is for attention or that go seriously, these video promote discrimination and the claismo in the society, for hundreds of internet users criticize what these guys promote on their social networks and have asked that they be barred from the famous application of videos and until the time for the facts has not been given his mother Barbara de Regil.