Osmariel Villalobos is sincere and uncovers the controversy of your trip to Tulum


The cheerleader venezuela Osmariel Villalobos recently spoke on his controversial trip to Tulum, Mexico, where the related drug traffickers and executives chavistas.

Drafting Venezuela The Day

During your participation in the podcast Dany Di Giacomo, Because Yeah, Villalobos clarified that she has nothing to do with narco-traffickers and not even know who are dedicated to that trade illegal.

“First, I’ve never been with narcos, I don’t even know who is a narco. I know that they are the narcos that of Pablo Escobar, the ones that pass in the series, that people (…) have no contact with those people, I’m not interested, thank God I have never had contact with those people,” said the model venezuelan.

Villalobos said that he attended the party with a few friends and that the situation was taken out of context in social networks.

“I went to a party they do every year, that is Day Zero, in Tulum, and I went with a few friends of mine from years ago that go every year to the feast (…) That work, that are chamos that they desire to life, which is good for them, because there are also people that are doing well,” he said.

“It was not a good colleague”

Villalobos was also commenting on how it is to work with Mariela Celis, his ex-partner in Portada’s, program broadcast by Venevision.

“I worked for many years in a magazine, which is the same format as Despierta America, A New Day(…) four hours a day, and I said, ‘my friend, my friend, my friend’, Mariela Celis, it was my friend that I was going to my house and we drank wine, and we talked, went out in the birthday Mariela I was, but she was not the best companion to work,” said the exreina of beauty.

Indicated that Celis always came home late and did his work without studied libretti.