Osmariel Villalobos is touted to charge you for a greeting, and look at how much they charge. (+VIDEO AND PRICE)


The creole Osmariel Villalobos dropped, without penalty, to talk about the application “World famous”, a method where you can use get special greetings from your artists favorite while you pay the stated price.

The cheerleader venezuelan Osmariel Villalobos never stops working, and is always looking for the way to reach your audience. An example of this is the fact that they are part of the community Famousa app where fans can get a video of your favorite artists saying what they want and those who want to.

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Villalobos left to know their stories of Instagram, all the details of your work in the app, so that people are motivated to use it in special occasions. “This app is that if you want a video of my complimenting his mother for the mothers day (…) or that I know I do, then you come to this platform, he asks that I send you the video (…) and I with great pleasure I send this video to that special person”, he said.

However, something that you forgot to mention the former miss was that, to get the video, must be canceled, a sum in dollars.

The amount per video varies according to the artist in question, but currently Osmariel Villalobos charges $50 USD for a video on Famous. This leaves many of his followers with the impossibility of being able to acquire such material, since the majority of those who follow it are venezuelans.

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