Past pump. “Do you know what that did before he was famous?”. Lydia Lozano ¡shocked!


Lydia lozano coronavirus

March 24, 2020
(12:34 CET)

Lydia Lozano connects each day with Save me, either by phone or via Skype, although sometimes do not receive good news. From home, where she is confined with her husband, is very aware of the current affairs of the heart, as also of the great concern of all citizens, the coronavirus. The tertuliana has discovered what did in the past Meritxell Batet.

The Congress president has granted an exclusive interview to the Sunday supplement of the newspaper El País where he recalls the paradox that being the 3rd of a constitutional feu written off of the floor relative for the bankwhen he was living with his mother. During his youth, Batet was not in a good financial situation and had to pitch in at home. To do this she was forced to work as a waitress in two nightclubs well-known Barcelona, Nick Havana and Bikini. In them serving cups of early morning on the weekends.

Mertixell Batet

However it was not his only work. Also took care of small children and gave private lessons. All this he did while studying Law at the Pompeu i Fabra university of Barcelona: “My resume of survivor was, apart from giving classes, to babysit, to devote myself to entertain children with activities in the summer and work for the night in bars. I studied Law at the Pompeu i Fabra university. The best thing was to work outside of class hours. Studying in between. I walked into a bar at the side of the university. It opened at eleven in the night and I closed the six in the morning. We were going after to clean up and replenish coolers”.

“I slept very little and I lived with optimism. The treatment of waiters teaches you a lot about how it’s the people. I went from the Nick Havana to the Bikini, two bars, mythical. I learned many drinks and identified to the people for what they consumed: look, here comes J&B with Coke. I tried to learn the craft: cocktail barfor example. The coasters should be aligned with the logo face to the customer”.

The president is the divorced mother of two daughters and maintains a relationship with the minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo. On wages, he recalls how he earned more in Nick Havana that of professor of constitutional Law at the Pompeu: “Another paradox about which I would have to ponder. Curious that someone who way college is worse paid than the one that serves drinks”. He now earns € 8,600 per month.