Paula Abdul proud of Kelly Clarkson


Paula Abdul is the “second mother ms proud” of Kelly Clarkson.

The creator of successes ‘Opposites Attract’ recently uni to his fellow judges original ‘American Idol’ Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson on the new program of interviews homnimo of the singer’s ‘Breakaway’ and Paula will not be able to be ms happy seeing how well Kelly has been since gan of the first series of the talent show in 2002.

Paula told ‘People Now’: “I have to tell you, all of us together in the program of Kelly, first of all to celebrate Kelly. Type in your wall, I’m definitely your second mam ms proud because it is very touching to see her succeed so beautifully and it was great for us all to be all.”

The star of 57 years he loved to meet with his old friends, but feels that, no matter how much time passed between them vindose, it is never incmodo to get back together.

She added: “The most crazy is that it doesn’t matter that you have not seen these guys in six weeks, six months, six years, there is something extrao and mgico that if we sat down together, it is as if we never hubiramos lost a da.”

Simon, who has a son of five years, Eric, with his partner Lauren Silverman, has recently undergone a transformation radical after reviewing your diet, and Paula was very impressed by the new physical thin the tycoon of the music.

She said: “The first thing I did was to say:” You look good “and l said,” What’s “. It does,

Meanwhile, Simon recently elogi Kelly so well that it led her to organize their own program.

l said: “it Was brilliant, I have to say that it was really good. It was absolutely natural. It is amazing …

“It is very fair, understands all about where we started … I love it and I’m happy for her.”

Simon found that it was” hilarious “and ” surreal” to reunite the original team of ‘Idol’ for the interview, although the presenter Ryan Seacrest I could not be all in person.

Aadi: “That was exciting, it was fun. Is the next Wednesday

“. It was almost as if there is still estuviramos doing the show. So extrao because you know what that is when we got back to be together.

“Ryan was in the satellite.

“[Fue] surreal … you have to remember, you don’t have so many years that we made the final, so I’m suddenly sitting in his programme of interviews being interviewed by her.”