PHOTOS: Suzy Cortez is played and on Instagram arden with her for her audacity


The beautiful model, host, Yasmin Garcia, again left with the mouth open to their fans and followers, but this time he did it to make clear that with effort and dedication everything can be achieved.

Through your profile’s official Instagram, the regiomontana published a photograph showing the comparison of what he looked like 10 years ago and what were the results of constant exercise routines in the current date.

“Every decision you make, from what you eat to what you do with your free time you’ll become what you will be tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow.”

Notes that you want and start to become that person. Enjoy a lot of the process because every day you will be closer to your goal“wrote the spokeswoman in the zip.

Quickly the faithful fans and admirers of Yasmin were present in the publication, filling it with praise and compliments, in addition to congratulate you on the great changes that has made.

However, never missing the haters who downplay the achievements of others, and the case of the influencer was no exception, as there were those who ‘ate’ alive.