Photos terrible. Rafa Mora and throughout Spain, in shock. “May God help us”


Rafa Mora cries

March 24, 2020
(12:51 CET)

Rafa Mora comes to Save me regularly. Both he and the rest of the employees are outstanding and the last hour of the press of the heart, but also the coronavirus that has concerned the entire population. The tertullian comes every day at eight in the evening to applaud for the health care personnel that are leaving your life by making it possible for the greatest number of people to go forward. Doctors and nurses, are saturated with stressful situations, fatigue, sleep, and still continue to move forward.

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Screen capture 2020 03 24 to the 12.46.07In Italy, where they carry more weeks to Spain to fight against the coronavirus, the health have shown your face of tiredness and the footprints they leave the protective equipment used for not to be infected. Take fighting more than a month against the disease. In the photographs that have been published notice the marks on the special glasses, masks and costumes PPE that protect you in the ICU and in the emergency room for not getting the COVID-19.

The doctors and nurses continue to go every day to his job and make it possible for the discouragement in not falling. With a megaphone in hand shouting from the hallways or from the doors of the rooms for patients to smile and not give up. I put the anthem of Italy, and repeated the phrase “a battle is very hard, but we will win”.

Although Italy continues to have a large number of infections and deaths, it seems that they have managed to stabilize the curve. In Italy have been recorded 142 deaths less than in the last 24 hours, a figure that left 5,500 dead and over 59,000 infected by Covid-19. The Italian prime minister, Giuseppe Conte, announced on Saturday that it was suspending all activity that was not essential. Russia will send medical equipment and special vehicles for disinfection of the areas.