“Sirtfood diet: The diet of Adele that have followed the English, and that promises to lose up to 3 kilos per week – Duna 89.7


After the drastic change of image and the great weight loss of Adele, it pokes a weight-loss plan called “Sirtfood diet”, which is a radical change of eating habits following a diet based on sirtuins.

What are the basics of the diet Sirtfood?

The creators of the controversial diet is the doctors nutritionists british Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, authors of the book “the Sirtfood Diet”, where he explains that the foundation is dramatically increase the consumption of foods with polyphenols, compounds of natural origin that stimulate the production of sirtuins, proteins related to the proper functioning of the brain, and metabolic.

“What they propose is the consumption of foods that prevent the oxidative damage of the cells, favoring in that way the brain health and longevity”explained the nutritionist Pilar Llanos to The Bugle. “The food that comply with the mission of being high-quality antioxidants are those that provide polyphenols, such as grape black, red wine, green leaves, celery, red onion and cranberries, among others”, she specified.

More than 20 years ago that there are studies on the relevance of the proteins of the sirtuins in the brain function and the health in general, in which scientists from all over the world have proven that they have an impact on the aging process. In the same line, the year 2010 a team from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, led by professor Li-Huei Tsai, found that sirtuins can also enhance the memory and intellectual capacity, a finding that could lead to improvements in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other neurological disorders. Another team of experts from the University of Navarra (UNAV), in Spain, conducted a study that proved that a hypocaloric diet applied in patients with obesity activates sirtuins.

According to Marisa Canicoba, nutritionist and director of the Career of Specialization Clinical Nutrition, home Hospital Posadas (buenos aires university (UBA), the diet Sirtfood is an eating plan designed primarily to activate genes of the sirtuin:

“Especially SIRT-1, a protein that is associated with the improvement of the sensitivity to leptin and to insulin, whose levels tend to decrease with the passage of the years. Increase your concentration prevents the increase in weight associated with age and improves leptin sensitivity in mice. Therefore, it is believed that SIRT-1 increases the rate of metabolism, increases fat metabolism, decreases inflammation and appetite,” explained the professional.

How is the diet in practice?

The diet of sirtuins lasts three weeks and is divided into two stages.

The first phase

Lasts about a week. The first three days you should consume green juices made with kale, arugula, parsley, celery, green apple, lemon juice and three cups of green tea prepared in the style of matcha, the more a food rich in nutrients, sirt, totaling 1,000 calories per day.

The rest of the week will increase the intake to two meals that are rich in foods sirt to provide a maximum of 1,500 calories per day. You can include lean meats, olive oil, nuts, variety of fruits and vegetables, as well as buckwheat and whole wheat bread. And you should consume one to three cups of green tea prepared type matcha, per day.

Second phase

Lasts for two weeks. You can increase the amount of food, giving priority to the sirt. Do not count calories and it is the maintenance stage.

What are the foods sirt or “sirtfoods”

The “sirtfoods” are plant foods rich in polyphenols which activate the genes of sirtuin. “Eating them activates a recycling process in our cells that eliminates the clutter and waste that accumulate with age and which usually cause health problems,” say Goggins and Matten in their book. “Sirtuins are regulators of metabolic masters that control our ability to burn fat and keep us healthy”, added.

The 15 foods sirt most recommended are: walnuts, capers, strawberries, red onion, chicory, turmeric, soy sauce, parsley, kale, extra-virgin olive oil, buckwheat, cocoa, green tea (especially the variety matcha), coffee and red wine.

It is not enough to limit the power

According to Virginia Orteganutrition specialist Crenyf, a center of specialized medical care and multidisciplinary, the list recommended by the authors of the diet contains foods of high nutritional valuefull of macro and micro nutrients of high quality which are necessary for a balanced diet.

“What I can’t assure you is that a diet containing only these foods to achieve be sufficient in terms of the contributions of minimum required our agency to function,” he said. “Nor can we say that will do by itself loss of weight or the cellular rejuvenation, and that if performed in a strict mode, if you do not leave aside the emotional health that transmits a shared table with our affections”.

For its part, the nutritionist specializing in eating disorders Agustina Murcho, stated that there is nothing to do a week with few nutrients and a week with others:

“Consume only 1000 calories is less than the basal metabolism, which is what one spends at rest. This slows down the metabolism, makes the body have to save energy because what is given is very little,” explained Murcho.

On the above, coincided with the nutritionist Daniela Natale, who added that diets do not teach habits, or emotion management: “We have to understand that being overweight is not only leaving to eat. Obesity is a disease with many sides to what there is to address and a simple diet will not fix“.