So sings the sister of Victor Garcia accepted in The Voice… Mexico


This weekend concluded the stage auditions of The Voice… Mexicoto give way soon to the battles. All coaches the program completed their teams and will continue to work on his voice and stage performance.

However, the controversy returned to the program, this time as a result of being accepted the sister’s exacadémico Victor GarciaLiliana.

The young man was impressed with his audition

Maluma pressed the red button to listen to the intense interpretation that did Liliana the song ‘Angel’. However, he did not do so immediately, but he waited until the young man came to the high notes to see what he was capable of. By not rolling over any other coach, Liliana was automatically accepted into the team Maluma.

It is rumored that Liliana, 34 years of age, she auditioned five times to enter The Academy; however, to be rejected, he decided to try his luck in the program of Televisa.

Moments after his selection, Carlos Rivera went to Liliana the encouraging words: ‘The talent is born, it is shared’, recalling the skills of Victor, who was a member of the first generation of the program of TV Azteca.

Also, Victor Garcia joked with Carlos about the fact that Liliana will work from now on with Maluma: ‘the admiration is mutual, Carlos, but I think I like more reggaeton today.’

Despite the emotional moments, many viewers on social media were expressed against giving opportunity to people who are related to the artistic medium, therefore, be it talented or not, it makes you think that there are ‘levers’ to enter the auditions on television.

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