Spain surpasses China and are already 3.434 dead because of the coronavirus, 738 deaths in the last 24 hours


Spain already exceeds China in the number of deaths due to coronavirus and there are already three thousand 434 dead. In the last 24 hours have been registered in the Spanish territory 738 deaths, which represents a 27 percent higher than the Tuesdayand seven thousand 937 contagions more.

In the last report of the sanitary authorities pointed out that there are 47 thousand 610 confirmed caseswhile three thousand 166 people remain entered in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

These data were confirmed in a press conference Fernando Simón, director of the Centre of Coordination of Emergencies of the Ministry.

“There are 47.610 cases from the beginning of the epidemic. An increase equivalent to the one we saw in the last days, and the lowest that we came watching in the last week. These increments are variable in different communities, but the evolution of the epidemic, in which we get closer and closer to the peak, not goes hand in hand with the overload in the hospital system, because it takes a few days from the first symptoms,” he said.

“The use of Icus has been somewhat lower compared to yesterday. There have been important variations in the communities: Catalonia has seen an increase of 50% in hospitalization, but may be due to a delay in the notification. In Madrid there has been only a 7%, we do not know if there is a delay in the notification of this change of status of any confirmed case to the hospital”, he added.

Simon pointed out that in Catalonia there has been a 42 percent increase in the use of Intensive Care Units. “As much as we get closer to the peak, the hospital data are behind the transmission. It is possible to continue to grow, take a look, or not a decrease of the transmission,” he warned.

“The aim of the measures is to reduce contacts risk, where there is transmission of the virus. That goal, according to the figures, it seems that it has succeeded. There is mobility very low, between 5% to 10% with respect to last year. A large part of the work is done from home, and in the other, although it is not 100%, have established measures. One would have to assess if it is necessary for it to be 100%. This leads to a smoothing of the curve, possibly because we are in the peak or going down,” he said.

The number of people who have been cured continue to rise and have already received a medical discharge a total of five thousand 367 users.

In the asian country, where they were put in gears strict restrictions to the health crisis, it counts as three 281 dead since the start of the pandemic.

Among the fatalities that have been recorded in Spain, which is located on the eleventh day of the State of Alarm, is a member of the Civil Guard. It is the third member of this security corps who lost their lives because of the virus.

“The Civil Guard is saddened by the death of one of our colleagues, stationed in the headquarters of Madrid,” he said in the appearance José Manuel Santiago, brigadier general, spokesperson, today the Ministry of the Interior.

“More than 20,000 civil guards have served. There were 19 arrests and almost 7,000 claims for a breach of the limitations of movement. It has been possible to block a website that asked for bank transfers to fight against the Covid-19 of up to 1,000 euros,” he said.

For his part Jose Angel Gonzalez, deputy director-operating of the National Police, specified that the Tuesday were carried out in 55 arrests. “The collaboration of the general public and notices are essential, such as a gym in Alicante was opened clandestinely by its members, or a bar in Gran Canaria,” he said.

“Two males of The Line (in the autonomous community of Andalusia) acted violently to prevent the arrival of elders to a nursing home. The location of infringers it is our responsibility: if they observe behaviors that are contrary to the royal decree not to intervene. Call 091”, he said.