Suzy Cortez from your bed in thong boasts its attributes most desired in Twitter


Suzy Cortez, the famous Miss BumBum is one of the models that most strives to pamper its fans, as it constantly shares photos bold in showing their attributes in different ways.

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However this photograph has been one of the most beloved, as it is located in one of their intimate moments, delighting all appear lying on your bed and wearing a cute thong.

In the photo Suzy appears smiling at the camera in an unobtrusive manner and flirtatious, as she is enjoying a few moments in his bed where he performs one of the most enjoyable activities, sleep and rest a little bit to have energy and continue fighting for their goals.

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Photography up this morning to the delight of the fans who follow her on Twitter, because the model upload different photos for each social network, since it depends on the degree of censorship and what you want to convey, in this case the promotion of your private page.

Remember that Suzy has an exclusive content that can only be found in your OnlyFans officer, where he promises you will find a few photographs each time better than the previous and each time more dirt, so that there does not need to take care of the censorship, but on the contrary.

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At these times Suzy has a super promotion on their website the 50% discount, since you want none of their fans will be left without any see the photos with both carlo is taken for them.

In these times of crisis and pandemic could be a perfect option to subscribe with Suzy, as it is recommended to avoid leaving the house, users may feel alone or bored, so that Cortez won’t let them down.

Remember that Suzy won Miss BumBum thanks to all the work that has been dedicated to forming their attributes in the rear, as it is considered the woman with the best butt in the world, so that we will have a lot more of this pretty model that enjoys to show off her figure.