Taylor Swift was the victim of a move of Kelly Clarkson


November 11, 2019 5:51 PM

The exAmerican Idol mimicked one of the songs of the blonde, and he dared to change one of his topics!

Both celebrities maintained
a relationship as mentors in the program “The
both Taylor Swift as
Kelly Clarkson
are two of the popular singers of the moment. But
it is worth remembering that the interpreter of
“Me!” said for her, it is an enriching experience, so that
he added: “I Am very excited to be your mentor. In fact, I had no idea
I called it ‘mega ‘ mentor’ and that is me rises to the head, no doubt. Makes Me
feel very good.”

Also, in a previous note in The
, reviewed these statements of the blonde 29-year-old when it began
qualifying rounds in the competition. So a couple of weeks later,
Swift experienced another touching moment, but on this occasion he received a
play artist Kelly Clarkson
in full program entitled, “The Kelly Clarkson Show”.

It turns out that the winner of the first season of “American Idol”
modified the format of its programme to pay a tribute to the disk Swift, titled “Lover” that
inaugurated on the 23rd of August and that already exceeds a record-breaking sales; it is
on top of the productions of Lady Gaga with “Shadow”, the theme of the band
soundtrack of the film “a star is Born”.

Now, before you start your traditional segment, Clarkson
he interpreted the theme “Delicate” that emerges from the album titled “Reputation”
Swift. However, we made a couple of changes according to his style
make it shorter, for example. While during the end of the song,
Clarkson decided to raise the pitch one octave above the original version. This
without prejudice to the arrangements of Swift.

To conclude, and as was expected, the tribute to Taylor Swift was cheered by the attendees. In a matter of seconds Clarkson also thanked the receptivity so that you leave with a huge smile. Little by little it is revealed that between Swift and Clarkson there is a true friendship that cuts across the scenarios and any professional commitment.