That size it can’t be real! Yuliett Torres turns and leaves us crazy!


When we were sure of meeting Yuliett Towers pat goes to the mexican and again to make your own, so that we do not trust. The photos of the profile and the front since it does not seem enough to leave with the mouth open to any son of neighbor, and now invents twists and turns and not that we mareemos seeing it but just to leave us without words!

She does’t need to wear swimsuits, or abuse of the dresses, the athlete impacts it is put is put, and in each of its occurrences it could not be any other way!

And to sample a button, Yuliett is rotated and…

Is it not true that they are still with the mouth open?

And do not it is precisely the color of the jeans that has been used, but I immense that is the athlete from any angle you look at it!

It doesn’t matter, or that it is on a balcony or is in the middle of a street, any place is good to run turns slow and without haste for us not to lose detail, a choreography worthy of being viewed a thousand times!

Do you will have seen his double, Kim Kardashianuntil where it is able to get Torres? Is it possible that you have won to the american? Or do you simply want to make it clear how you spend in Mexico?

The gym has become what it is today

Yuliett almost that has become the gym on his second residenceto your effort you should the figure and the fame that has today, the one who lives!… and has no intention of quitting!

Not only are the videos that you share, showing us how he spends between weights is the way so curious show that with she the year yes it has had the desired effect!

And don’t say just us, unconditional Yuliett… it says every one of the garments that you put!

And if you already have them rotated, it turns around and teaches that to big will not win anyone to get what we want more!