The controversial diet from Adele: Has lost more than 40 pounds


After a staggering loss of 45 kilos of weight without resorting to surgery, the british singer Adele it has been located in the centre of the controversy over whether your diet is really positive for your health.

Their recent appearances on the feast of Beyoncé and Jay-Z after the academy Awards unleashed all kinds of comments about how thin is the singer of Someone Like You.

Adele has combined physical activity with a diet that is giving what to talk about: the sirtfood, a system of power that restricts the list of what you can eat. The diet was created by nutritionists, English Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten those who own a fitness celebrity in the Uk.

They created this diet with the goal of awakening the “gene skinny” that we all have, and to do this is a severe calorie restriction and a replacement fattening foods for others that speed up the metabolism.

The sirtfood is based on research on sirtuins (Sirt) are a group of seven proteins that are found in the body and regulating three key functions: metabolism, life span and inflammation.

Certain natural compounds can increase the level of these proteins in the body, and the foods in which it is present are called “sirtfoods”, hence the name of the diet.

Within the foods that comprise this “elite”, able to accelerate metabolism are: dark chocolate, parsley, blueberries, red wine, strawberries, onion, walnuts, soy, green tea, turmeric, celery, capers, coffee, chicory, arugula, green juices, and olive oil.

However, the diet has not had a support tangible in scientific journals, nor is evidence that it is beneficial to the body long-term.

Only in the book of the Diet Sirtfood it reports results in a pilot study conducted by the authors and that involves 39 participants in your fitness centre.

The key to this diet, in addition follow to the letter the list of food to consume, search for restrict your consumption of calories to 1,000 caloriesall combined with exercise. According to critics, reduce calories and exercise will always cause weight loss.

“Try to have 1000 kcal during three consecutive days is extremely difficult and I think that most people could not do it. When you look at the list of foods, you can see that they are the type of items that often appear in a “list of healthy foods”, however, it would be better to encourage them as part of a balanced diet and healthy,” says Emer Delaneya degree in dietetics at the university of Ulster, in Ireland.

“Take a glass of red wine or a small amount of chocolate occasionally it will not do us any harm, do not recommend it on a daily basis. Also we should eat a mixture of different fruits and vegetables and not just those in the list,” he says.