The controversial video that went up Migbelis to TikTok “I Want a black one pa’ that I desbaraté “(+VIDEO)


Migbelis Castellanos, the current queen of Our Latin Beauty, a former Miss Venezuela and host of Univision, keeps giving a lot to talk about, or is that this time, by means of a TikTok, she expressed her desire of wanting a black “pa’ que me desbaraté“.

For its part, the creole premiered a new talent, the of made viral on the social networks thanks to its Tiktok so original and direct; so in one of them recorded with his father to make it clear that you prefer and want a black “pa’ que me desbaraté“.

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This, was what generated the audiovisual, thousands of fans shared it and managed to make it viral, putting the Miss Venezuela 2013 in a new controversy.

On the other hand, it is important to explain that this new and viral app is being used in much of the world by different people; it is basically recorded while you dance or imitate some songs or texts viral of movies and series, in order to have fun and create new challenges within the same social network.

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