The diet that has followed Adele for her amazing makeover, to debate



The singer has lost 45 pounds in record time, after undergoing the diet ‘sirtfood’, a food plan restrictive in calories and variety of foods



In the last few weeks, Adele it has garnered hundreds of headlines for reasons extramusicales, after which come to light a photo of yourself at the party organized by Beyonce and Jay-Z after the gala Oscar Awards. The singer Someone Like You caused a sensation with her tight dress bright leopard-print, which showed a pronounced loss of weight: 45 pounds in record time. To achieve this new image, the interpreter has undergone the popular diet sirtfoodan eating plan that promises great results, but that can be dangerous. The dietician-nutritionist at O2 Centro Wellness Neptuno, Manuel Alejandro Ruiz Lópezhe explains the secrets of this eating plan that it is in the mouth of all.


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What is the diet ‘sirtfood’?

The sirtfooddesigned by nutritionists Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, it is a diet that limits foods that you can eat those that are rich in sirtuin, or compounds that enhance the action of these. Sirtuins are proteins that act by delaying the cell aging or the onset of diseases associated with age, explains the expert, who reports that the plan consists of two stages: In the first, the caloric intake is reduced to 1000 kcal / day. These they would use in the form of smoothies and you can only make a normal meal a day, but always be food sirt. In the second stage you can climb up to the 1.500 kcal a dayand , you can do two normal meals, but equally, without leave of the foods considered sirt“continues the nutritionist.

What foods are allowed?

The foods allowed are very limited. Would be the dark chocolate (with over 85% cocoa), apple, chicken, turkey, shrimp, citrus, capers, kale, spices, green tea and red wine. The rest of food are prohibited. It is a diet with a restriction, as much caloric as food, which, according to Manuel Alejandro Ruiz López, it is neither healthy nor sustainable in time, both physical and mental. “The patient undergoing this treatment will not have the energy to develop a daily activity, in addition to the risks associated with malnutrition. On the other hand, the restriction to which they are subjected can trigger problems such as anxiety, depression, social isolation, etc.”, alert the dietitian. Long-term, diet sirtfood can cause in patients, deficiencies of essential nutrients, and the appearance of symptoms associated with malnutrition, such as fainting, dizziness, anemia, or vitamin deficiency.

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What is supported scientifically?

The relationship between sirtuins and the weight loss is not demonstrated or proven scientifically. “What happens in these cases is that a caloric restriction so big will cause a loss of weight yes or yes. In addition, if we add the effect of marketing ‘and you can only include these foods’ we give a novel appearance and attractiveness, or at least, distinctive to the person who has dieted in the past and want to try something different”, concludes the specialist, which explains the pros and cons of the ‘miraculous’ diet with which Adele has transformed her silhouette.

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