The emails from her! (and they are devastating) that Felipe VI covered up to now


March 24, 2020
(14:40 CET)

The Royal House has a lot of work ahead in the coming months. And no, the mess does not have a relationship with the coronavirus. Rather, as they say many in the networks, the earthquake that has turned upside down The Zarzuela is the “Corinnavirus”.

The investigation initiated by the prosecutor’s office switzerland following a statement of the business German in which it said that the king emeritus John Carlos I would have accounts in the country swiss has resulted in a scandal that has left very touched to the Spanish monarchy.

In fact, seeing that the information on the charging of commissions by his father, already began to circulate through the media, King Philip took a drastic decision: he announces that he rejected the legacy of his father and eliminate your financial allowance.

The emails Corinna

But what is of concern to the Family Real it is not precisely the king emeritus, but his ex-lover, Corinna. A Corinna that, as demonstrated in many of the mails that were made public in the summary of the case Nooswas part almost of the family, maintaining close relationships with Iñaki Urdangarinobviously Juan Carlos as well as the infanta Cristina.

Corinna Royal Family

The problem that has to Felipe no sleep is that, as the own Corinna has confirmed on more than one occasion, has in his possession a series of black boxes with information, including emails, that could compromise, and a lot, to the Spanish monarchy.

A few emails to the king Felipe has tried to cover up but that is very likely to end up coming out. As is logical, any member of the institution has decided to talk about them in public, but the fear is more than evident.

Corinna knows that he has many aces still under the sleeve and taking into account that their relationship is not so cordial as it was years ago (went on to organize, according to Vanity Fair, , the honeymoon of the today, kings Felipe and Letizia), you can remove them when you want.