The fun song of a reguetonero cuban quarantine by the coronavirus from Cuba


The arrival of the coronavirus to Cuba has brought out the more aware and cautious of many cubans, but also has brought to the surface the ingenuity and imagination of some citizens by creating contents that speak about the pandemic.

That has been the case of the singer of urban music Luis Alberto Vicet you Live, the better well-known inside the island such as Creamwho has created a song of reggaeton dedicated to the quarantine by the COVID-19 with a catchy lyric and melody that has not gone unnoticed among the users of social networks.

“Global reality that is lived in these moments. To spread the message and reach everyone. We must take care, to take measures and keep yourself in quarantine,” said The Cream in the info box of the video entitled Quarantine and that was uploaded to its official YouTube channel.

As you can hear in the song, The Cream invites all people to be aware and to stay at home to avoid the spread and a greatest spread of coronavirus. Also, remind them that to keep the measures of higienes issued by health maintenance organizations to wash your hands well each time, to avoid crowds and keep a distance with respect to the other.

In addition to the success that it has had on YouTube with thousands of views, the video has also begun to expand as the foam through the other of other social platforms such as Facebook.

The audiovisual material uploaded by a user named Morena in the Caribbean, with nearly 700 shares in just 17 hours of the published and with messages that applaud the initiative that has had The Cream spread a positive message to the crisis of the coronavirus and reach out to people through upbeat music and urban.

“Bravo for The Cream, makes songs of truth and very catchy”, “Very good your idea, I hope it reaches a lot of people,” “Tremendous theme, it is very good, I share it with my friends”, “I Wish all musicians have this occurrence, it would be very good to create all a song for alarm, and the people by the coronavirus” or “What a good energy trasmites in these difficult times, thank you very much, I wish you the best and that you get very far in the music”, are some of the comments that can be read on the social networks of The Cream.