The last goodbye from the cuban Juan Padrón


The news of the death the prominent writer, illustrator and director of cuban cinema Juan Padrón has not only left a great void in his family, but has also shocked the art world as well as friends and followers of his unforgettable work.

Many are cubans who mourn for their departure, and who have taken the time to remember you as one of the most important figures in the culture of the country. Alexis Valdes, Ivan Camejo, Ulises Toirac, Vladimir Cruz, Claudia Valdes or Michel Hernandez, are some of those who have dedicated to Register heartfelt dedications via social networks, which have been used for from the distance to give the last farewell to the creator of Elpidio Valdés.

The comedian Ulises Toirac he wrote: “Juan Padrón has left us more alone than fuck because it has carried with it the possibility of another battle of Elpidio, of another adventure of sympathetic vampires, but he leaves the shelter of everything that moved our enthusiasm and joy during years of ingenuity. Go to your son, my friend, and the whole family, their friends, and to all cubans, my most sincere and deep condolences for this loss.”

Facebook / Ulises Toirac

The cuban actor Vladimir Cruz goodbye by remembering some of his most famous works: “Today has been one of the greatest cuban filmmakers, creator of Elpidio Valdés and Vampires in Havana and an immense work, full of humor, sympathy, imagination, and cuban. Thank you, dear John, for filling the childhood of several generations of cubans, rest in peace, and hasta la vista compay”.

The cuban actress Claudia Valdes thanked him for having made his childhood: “Until the view compay. Thank you for brightening up my childhood”.

Claudia Valdés / Instagram

The comedian Ivan Camejo he dedicated an emotional message: “Juan Padrón has left us. His forces mambisas and their Vampires in Havana are joining now in this journey that we will all sooner or later. I prefer to remember him with the same joy that he gave us always, which also earned him a rather well-deserved National Award for Humor. And say goodbye from the child that I was, fascinated with those movies that were an essential part of my childhood. And tell him: “thank you.”

Facebook / Ivan Camejo

The cartoonist Alen Lauzán said: “Things of genius. Today they killed two large: Albert (Asterix and Obelix) Uderzo and John (Elpidio and Maria Silvia) Register. Great, relax and thank you. PD: “Vampires in Havana”, by Juan Padrón, it is still my favorite movie.

The actor Roberto San Martín he showed his admiration for the late artist and referred to him as “our santa Claus”: “When I was a child I memorized this scene. Even I know that. The repeated daily in a small disc of 45 r.p.m. I grew up seeking to be’elpidio (like almost everyone) I’d love to believe that I did it. Juan Padron was our santa Claus. Never met him, but every anime of hers was a gift that came from that unknown place where they make dreams and joys. Today was. I hope that where you keep creating for when we meet up to be able to continue laughing and learning with her drawings. To view compay”.

The a cultural journalist Michel Hernandez added: “he’s dead Juan Padrón, a great man. Your animated badge Elpidio Valdés accompanied several generations of cuban and part since decades of our affective memory. His son, Ian Padrón named him as The last mambí in a text that sums up all the affections that he professed and will profess to the cubans. Today, Cuba says goodbye to one of its greatest cartoonists and filmmakers, but above all, he says goodbye to a man that was good. And this is evident in all of his work from that released the cartoons of Elpidio and other classics like Vampires in Havana”.

The actor, comedian, presenter and director Alexis Valdés paid tribute to Juan Padrón with an extensive and beautiful text:

“All the cubans we are sad. Has killed a large cuban: Juan Padrón. A man who invented characters and stories, imaginary that came out of your brilliant brain and in which we come to believe them as if they had existed, Who’s to say that Elpidio Valdés did not exist? I dare not. I would have to throw my children to the trash to say something like that. Elpidio Valdés not only existed, but was (and is) one of the heroes mambises most beloved of Cuba. Who does not know Palmiche, his beautiful and brilliant steed and Mary Silvia that cuban loving and beautiful? And what about the general Resoplez who tells me that not existed? And how about The Vampires in Havana? I do not come to say that that is not history. But history of the good. Not that that feature the victors. But the feature poets. History of the unique really worth. The us seed always laughter and tears in the heart.
We are sad for the cubans, perhaps because the creator of the cuban cinema that left us with a greater footprint in our lives, we believe that it is gone. But it is not. No. Ever. What we must understand and feel and believe is, that we, who saved his life by telling us his dreams will never be. Will remain forever with us as part of our history. Perhaps the best part of our history. To which we return every time we need to get back to laughter and tears in the heart. We love you John. It is more, I adore you, because you’re one of the gods of our childhood. Are you bored today? Ponte a of Juan Padrón. Holy remedy”.

The actress Rachel Cross he was fired as well: “This has touched the hearts of both my memory! To view compay! 1963-2020”.

The comedian Javier Berridy is it fired by sending a message of condolence to his family: “we was Juan Padrón, the man who, with his wit and talent he gave us so many moments of joy in our childhood through his cartoons. Elpidio Valdés and Vampires in Havana are still my favorite. My condolences to his family and may his soul rest in peace. To view compay”.

Facebook / Javier Berridy