The next premieres, Netflix will not be affected by the coronavirus (for the moment)


Since the crisis began of the coronavirus have been aware of many changes. Have stalled shootings of films and series, that will have to end before their seasons, and some platforms and distributors are taking steps to get us the latest releases. The projects of Netflix have also stopped their production, so that could indicate that we are headed towards a crisis of content. However, the director of content of the platform has stated that this will not happen, for the moment.

The house of paper

According to DeadlineTed Sarandos has stated that this pause in production will not affect the films scheduled in the coming months. “It has been a massive disruption. Each of our productions throughout the world is stopped. Has No precedent in history”said Sarandos. “What is happening now is that we work quite ahead with the delivery of all the episodes of our projects, so there will be no interruptions in the coming months.

This means that, for now, their projects are not affected, however yes we could have a stop of content at the end of this year, when they were programmed projects whose shoots are now unemployed. If that happens it is likely that the series and films have to shuffle new release dates.

At this moment still we do not know until when they could extend this situation and therefore, even when the productions of Netflix will not be able to return to normal. The break of ‘Stranger Things’ was scheduled for only two weeks, but this could be extended depending on how the development of the pandemic.

Netflix takes measures against the coronavirus

Due to the confinement from a few weeks ago, the consumption of Netflix has been shot and is overloading the networks, so the platform had to take action. Announced that reduce the quality of video in Europe to avoid the collapse, thus reducing the traffic in networks on a 25%.

In addition, it has also wanted to create a fund of $ 100 million that will be destined to tens of thousands of their workers who have lost their income due to the health crisis. “We want to help you through these hard times, especially while governments are deciding what aid will be offered”.