the plan with which Adele dropped 45 kilos


At the end of 2019 the singer English Adele surprised the world by uploading to your account of Instagram a christmas card where he looked much thinner than usual. By those days also, there were photographs of them on a beach, where if not could be see in a bathing suit, through your summer dress I could distinguish a fresh silhouette, with many kilos less than before. It is estimated that Adele dropped 45 kilograms following the diet of sirtuins.

The rumors were various in those days: it was said that the interpreter, the English had decided to lose weight after your divorce from your partner, Simon Koneckiwith who was eight years old.

The singerRolling In The Deep among other successes, he would order the dissolution of the legal marriage to Konecki in July of 2019.

It is a diet plan controversial

The diet sirtuins it is a diet plan controversial, which is very strict in the first phase. Created by nutritionists, English Aidan Goggins and Glen Mattenaccording to Clarín, the success of this plan is based on increasing the consumption of foods with polyphenols, compounds of natural origin present in foods such as cocoa, red wine, and green leaves, which activate the protein sirtuin.

The study of the function of the protein sirtuin it is not new, and have done research about it. Scholars of the University of Navarra proved that an treatment of hypocaloric diet in obese patients activated their proteins sirtuins, regulating that way your metabolism.

The diet of sirtuins consists of two phases

The diet consists of two phases, as explained Goggins and Matten in the book The Sirfood Diet’.

The first, which has a duration of one week, is the most strict and organized in the following way: for three days you should consume green juices, three cups of green tea, and an important meal which should be rich in food sirt. All of that adding only 1000 calories per day. Then, the rest of the week, you should add another main food of the same style, but without exceeding the 1,500 calories a day.

The second stage of the diet of sirtuins involves a time of two weeks, beginning immediately following the phase one.

This second stage is maintenance, and you can go adding other foods, but still consume the food sirtgames and green tea. The list of the food sirt includes cocoa, olive oil, kale, capers, red onion, buckwheat, green tea, soy and parsley, among others.

Physical activity is essential for this diet

According to The Confidentialsince the middle of last year, Adele it has been performing well, a strict physical activity plan to complement the weight loss. The singer’s English would be doing sessions of 60 minutes that include cardio, circuit training and pilates.

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