The reina Sofia swallows saliva. “The child is the same-Felipe VI”. Get this (and it is the bomb of the year)


March 24, 2020
(13:14 CET)

The coronavirus what is eclipsing everything. Even the scandal of the king emeritus Juan Carlos and the 100 million euros in the commissions charged to the government of Saudi Arabia.

The bomb released the King Felipe VIwith the press release in which it was announced that he was withdrawing the assignment to his father, as well as renouncing to the inheritance of the emeritus.

What they said nothing is of the photographs that have begun to come to the light Alexander, the son of Corinna zu Sayn Wittgensteinor Corinna Larsenas the called of single. The young woman has already turned 18 yearswith what the media can now publish snapshots of your own. And the images have not been overlooked. You are giving a lot to talk about in the highest spheres of the state.


“The child is the same-to Felipe VI” say among the VIPs Madrid, where hallucinating when you compare the photos of Alexander and the Head of State when I was a teenager. The resemblance is spectacular. Attention.

Philip teen

Alexander and Corinna

A matter to which I made reference Pilar Eyre recently in his weekly column (chronicle) on the Royal House. The journalist said that Alexander even called him “dad” to John Carlos.

Alexander “called dad,” Juan Carlos

“I called him dad! itAlexander, the son of Corinna Larsen, I called dad to Juan Carlos! I wanted it as a child! Do you deserve that loving fatherly 65 million euros? Do the services provided by Corinna you can quantify in that absurd dowry?”, published Eyre.

However, in Zarzuela do not give importance to the subject. At least not as much as they gave to the disclosures made in the past, the Catalan Albert Solà, which he claimed to have a report that confirmed that you have the 99% of the DNA of Juan Carlos. And is that Alexander is younger than Felipe VI, so you can’t gain access to the crown. As given by the claim to Albert