The remake in live action ‘The little Mermaid’ will have four new songs


In times of quarantine the good news to be worth more. On this occasion, has been the composer of Disney Composer Alan Menken who has advance that the remake of ‘The little mermaid’ will have four new songs that he has composed with Lin-Manuel Miranda and who will join classics of the tape as ‘Under the Sea’ or ‘Part of your world’.

'The Little Mermaid'

The presenter nortemaericana Rosie O’donnell made a special program in streaming to raise funds for the fight against the coronavirus. In it were especially protagonists-the stars of musical works as Darren Criss, Aaron Tveit, Idina Menzel or the actual Menken, who played on piano a medley of some of the most famous songs of Disney.

“This is being good time to write”admitted the composer in the program, “the production has stopped in the film of ‘The little Mermaid’. We recorded the songs earlier and I wrote four new songs with Lin-Manuel Mirandathe manager of letters”.

In addition, the artist behind the soundtracks of films like ‘Pocahontas’ or ‘beauty and The beast’ also has announced that it is working on the sequel of ‘Enchanted: The story of Giselle’ and the musical version of ‘Hercules’ to Broadway.

What we know so far

In 2018, it was confirmed as a remake of real action of the Disney classic in 1989. One of the first questions was whether it would be musical or, as in the case of ‘Mulan’, you might focus more on the story. When I first was confirmed and we knew that the plot would follow very closely the steps of the original the time came to complete the deal.

Halle Bailey was chosen as Ariel in a process of casting in which it is also proposed proposals as Zendaya. Even though this election had a certain amount of controversy among some fans, finally the networks are fed with the actress.

Other actors confirmed are Melissa McCarthy as Ursula and Jonah Hauer-King as prince Eric.