The SOS that leaves Kiko Hernandez (and all of Spain) with the face of a scare


Kiko Hernández

March 24, 2020
(13:12 CET)

Kiko Hernandez is confined to his home in Madrid with their two twin daughters three years. The partner wanted to Save me it misses, but since your home is still pending for the last hour. In the midst of all the situation in the country and the whole world has been left to the boxes with the last request of a famous.

Willy Barcenas, son of Luis Barcenas, has always tried to disassociate themselves from their last name and got it thanks to your group Stool. Made famous by songs such as Sirens, Belerofón or what might happen. Guillermo Barcenas has been a multitude of interviews in the media, and while it’s always been asked by the sentencing of 33 years in jail his father for money laundering, tax crimes, falsehood, documentary and misappropriation, wanted to give just a brushstroke. Always, of course, to defend their parents.

“My father is no saint, all right, but not the Satan that has been painted’, declaredVanity Fair in 2018, while Pablo Motos commented “I love my parents, even if they had killed someone”, in 2019. This week, the singer is very concerned about the health of his father. The extesorero of the PP could be contagious coronavirus, and has wanted to make a call.

“Guillermo Barcenas has been reported this morning ‘the breach of sanitary measures and minimum terms of protection in the prison of Soto del Real, where is his father. You do not have masks, do not have gloves or gels, only provide them with toilet paper to clean cells'”, set out in a note to the media.

“It is necessary that, in Soto del Real, measures are taken to avoid overcrowding in modules, because, where before they were 60, they are now 150 and the risk of contagion and cause an outbreak at this time, is very high (…) With the statistics in hand -where there are more than 25,000 people who are suffering from the virus and more than 2,000 deaths that have not been able to with it, (I can say that) the situation is serious enough for it to be taken protection measures-urgent”, explains, in addition to stating that “the Government is risking the lives of more than 50,000 prisoners in Spain for their inaction and neglect to this group”.

On the other hand, Barcenas completes the statement ensuring that “speaking on behalf of the many families, with which he has been able to share their experiences”: “I report this situation neglect unacceptable and avoidable in the prisons, as we would do today if I had any of my grandparents in a residence”.