The stick harder to Bertin Osborne that no one dares to talk about (and is this)


Bertin Osborne

March 24, 2020
(13:49 CET)

Bad times for Bertin Osborne. The presenter My house is yours it is isolated in his house with Kike and his wife, Fabiola. The artist did not go to Live the life, where he is working on Sundays, now that does not want to risk to catch the coronavirus and pass it to your little one. For Kike would be fateful to catch the virus, because you have a chronic disease. The measures in the house are extreme. In spite of this via phone or skype if that participates in the space.

His last intervention was at the end of last week to explain how living in this confinement. Bertin Osborne narrated in the first person as the passes these days of confinement. “Here I am in exile, as all over the world. I am in Seville in the field. We thank God we have more luck because we can move in here, we took it a lot better, I can’t complain. We have a lot more space. We have not moved from here, we have not gone outside of the boundaries of the estate”explains and ensures that only one person enters and exits your property.

“There is only one person that is the one which goes to buy food and medicine. We’ve been here ten days, we’re relatively well, thanks to God, and by better luck than many of the others I send you a big hug”.

Bertin Osborne, Fabiola, and their son Kike

I still take humor to the situation: “Here have a room for screaming, in all the houses you have to have a room for that one goal there and sputters. We have taught my son Carlos to play the mus, we have made it fatal because you now have a luck the guy with the cards that we are leaving collapsed”.

In addition, Bertin feel a real privileged: “I have more luck because we are not locked inside the house. To me it puts me hairs like hooks when I see a lot of images that I see on television of people who do not respect this, this is something very serious. It is essential that we stay at home, the moment you stop the curve I’m going to throw away 48-hour stuck in the bar”:

And Fabiola, Bertin Osborne jokes: “I’ve been without watching it all afternoon, is stuck in the gym because you’re doing a challenge. It can’t be or say hello if you want because you scream”.

What does the future hold for Bertin Osborne in the professional field? It is all a mystery. The presenter has a contract with Mediaset until the end of this year, however after the bad data of the last programs of My house is yours, the space could not go back to the chain. At the moment it has not been renewed, and conversations are paused on the occasion of the coronavirus. If this topic is lengthened a lot of time it is likely that the singer of rancheras is a similar situation to that of María Teresa Campos.