The torn pants of Lauren Drain who left the view what you think!


There are famous stumble with the same stone a thousand times and not escarmientan much to see the consequences of their equivoaciones. Lauren Drain it is a worthy exemplary of those to which the tips slipping. It is said that his thing with the gym was starting to border on obsession and that much muscle at the end passes bill, and not heard. Today his pants go back to suffering the excesses of the model, and surely that will not be the last time and will happen again!

Already showed that your body responded to the exercise and the Lauren of today has little to do with the Drain of some years ago, then what to follow with the same pace if everyone already knows what you are capable of?

How to break pants and that is this reason of all the comments?

Alexa Dellanos he did the same thing and in the end had to change tactics, Yuliett Spotlights started breaking dresses and ended up staying without anything to wear, and now Lauren, when you already almost happened this fashion, breaks down his jeans to see the legs wasn’t it more logical to put on a dress to do so?

The case is that we have established that not only have they broken their pants, is that Lauren has been unable to abrocharlos and this time, his muscles are not the problem!

Will there be copied also trend to the use of smaller sizes. than your physical needs?

We are going to stay with the desire to know the reality of their pants…

And despite all the assumptions there are that to recognize that the photography is cool, and that, as she says, once that conquers the mind the body responds without any problem.

All of this accompanied by the gym, of course, that the pants tend not to break so as to not be a has picked up some weight, and it is clear that with Lauren the extra pounds are not a problem.