The true story inspired by the movie with Jennifer Lawrence


MILAN – The need for, hidden object ingenuity, but also the frustration, is doing his part. At least that’s what we can learn, just Joythe biopic from David O. Russell tells the true story of Joy Mangano, a semi-unknown in Germany (at least before the movie), but very popular in America, where she made a name for himself as an inventor and as an entrepreneur, head of a business Empire, the of millions of dollars in sales per year.

A scene of Joy
Jennifer Lawrence is the star of Joy

But you can really tell this perfect realization of the American Dream, we have to go back to 1990. At the time, Mangano a divorced woman with three children and ex-husband was to fly the load, crushing the need to make ends meet, the relationships within his family and night shifts as a stewardess for an airline. Tired, demotivated and completely absorbed from the heavy daily tasks, Joy can be found to invent one day what all see how the Miracle Mop. What is it? A mocho, the avoids, the hands dirty.

Jennifer Lawrence and Robert De Niro
Jennifer Lawrence and “dad” Robert De Niro

The idea is a winner in its simplicity: just a handle and 300-thread, cotton, durable, expertly installed. The secret of success, the ease of use with a moderate price. After the seizure of a small business with the help of licences and friends, lack of Long Island attracts with its invention, the television. An entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to risk, not missing. The commercial channel QVC will be jump. You start with 1000 Miracle Mop. But something is not working. The product attracts the attention of the public.

The true Joy Mangano

What to do? So a quick change in the stroke is: nothing conductive or sales professionals, the reflectors are directly focused on Joy. It will propose that his invention. And here, let us in on the joke, the miracle happens: in a half-hour, 18,000 of the Miracle Mop will be sold. The turning point is. Deficiency creates the company, ingenious Designs, patents, and more than 100 inventions and no more stops. The sales will fly to the stars, while other stars such as Oprah Winfrey and Serena Williams, we recommend the products of Joy, or be testimonial.

A scene from the movie
David O. Russell on the set

So it comes to the year 2014, Hollywood is knocking on the door of the entrepreneur. His story to the movies. David O. Russell makes the Director and the script, starting from the script Annie Mumolo. In the role of Mangano, it is Jennifer Lawrence, the actress of the moment, even if maybe too young for the role. Full circle also, Robert De Niro, Bradley Cooper, both of which are already on the side of Jennifer and David ne close to the cast The positive side and American Hustle – looks can be deceiving), and Isabella Rossellini. She turns in Boston and the surrounding area. A couple of step, the fictitious, the other is simplified, and finally, in the hall.

    Joy Mangano
The auto-biography of Joy Mangano

According to 101 million us dollars in revenue, global, the film touches on female the Oscar-thanks to Lawrence and to manifest the resilience, ingenuity and courage, everything. In the meantime, Joy earn popularity on the planet. But they never stay with the hands in the hand, and so here’s a new idea: it has the same principles and values to write his story in an autobiography. So 2017 will be released Inventing Joy. Because every invention can be improved, but in the hands of Joy, everything is a perfect business opportunity.

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