‘The Walking Dead’: Andrew Lincoln dedicated a moving song to Danai Gurira after her last chapter


On Sunday 22 march was a sad night for fans of ‘The Walking Dead’. It was the last time that we saw Danai Gurira to play one of the most important characters of the series, Michonne. His former team-mate battles, Andrew Lincoln has wanted to give a farewell to the height, singing a song very special.

“Andy recorded a farewell message for the last episode of Danai”says the publication of the official portrait of ‘The Walking Dead’. In the video we see Lincoln on the piano performing one of the songs main 007: James Bond, ‘Live and Let Die’, but with a slight change in the lyrics: “You just want, Danai”.

Danai Gurira Michonne

In addition, we dedicated a few words recalling the first time that their characters, Rick and Michonne, were found in the series. “I thought you were a crazy with katanas, but my son Carl thought that we should save”said Lincoln, as if I were to be in the skin of Rick Grimes. From that moment on, they would forge a relationship that, until the output of this in the fifth episode of the ninth season.

The farewell epic team

Andrew Lincoln has not been the only one who wanted to say goodbye in a special way of Danai. The rest of the team of ‘The Walking Dead’ has already done and very epic. We prepared a joke, very appropriate as a form of farewell after many years. “I would return to my dressing room after a lovely welcome from the team, and there were over 50 zombies inside the dressing room. They were everywhere, lying on my couch, in my chair, in the showersaid Guira.

The output of Michonne is the third most important of the series after Lincoln and Lauren Cohan.