Today in Twitter: Players in the ‘Animal Crossing’ pay homage to your favorite movies in the game


Few days ago went on sale the game ‘Animal Crossing: New Horizons‘. The latest release of the successful franchise keeping the essence that has made it so popular all their games. And it is, in fact, that social simulation, which makes gala has arrived at the most appropriate time.

Film buffs in Animal Crossing

As well, many players around the world are starting to leave flashes of his great imagination with various creations. Moviegoers could not be less and that is why there are already several who have tried to pay homage to some of their favorite movies. With more or less creativity, are increasingly those that are hanging catch on social networks, and even some of them are becoming viral.

“Animal Crossing presents… ‘The Lighthouse'”.

“Daily photo: I have hung some posters of horror movies” (‘Midsommar’, ‘The thing’, ‘Nightmare on Elm Street’, ‘Alien, the eighth passenger’).

“I hope you will find it again” (‘Portrait of a woman in flames’).

“Hello, Danny. Come play with us” (‘The shining’).

“Guess the movie” (‘Midsommar’).

“How bad can I be?” (‘Lorax: en busca de la trúfula lost’).

“Quick, what movie is it? “I remember that hurt. Looking at her hurt”” (‘A winter on the beach’)

‘Jurassic Park’

“I already have my house, so I decorated with this image of Mac in the film of the 90s” (‘My friend Mac’ and ‘Ghostbusters’).

“I’ve done this great poster japanese movie ‘Super Mario Bros.'”.

Movies… and memes

If the movies have made an appearance in ‘Animal Crossing’, the memes could not miss. The possibilities of the game are also allowing players to more imaginative recreate some of the memes most famous of the time. It is clear that there are many people who strictly follow that of “the good face”.