Tonight on tv: the movie and star today, 25 March, on the digital terrestrial


A masterpiece against a bevy of star. Tonight on television, on Wednesday, the 25. March, of course, there are Full Metal Jacket of Stanley Kubrick. For many the most beautiful war film ever.

And then: Brad Pitt, Julia Roberts, Bradley Cooper (twice!), Jennifer Lawrence, Robert De Niro. Keanu Reeves, Jim Carrey. Keira Knightley, Clive Owen… this is where you can see them tonight on television. On Wednesday, the 25. March, in the clear on the digital terrestrial…

Brad Pitt (55 aani) and Julia Roberts (51) have fallen in love with? The news is really shocking, fors etroppo to be true. The to life in the magazine USA New Weekly called. Your, of course, silence. Us a little bit of doubt, and a little sognamo

Brad Pitt (56 aani) and Julia Roberts (52) in The Mexican, their movies together… Nice, can we see you in this road-movie the border on LA7D-21.30. But the film, film clear, tonight on the television there are many who like their stars. You will discover in our article.

Tonight on TV: the movie and star are there?

The masterpiece in question is FULL METAL JACKET by Stanely Kubrick. The hell of the Vietnam war, without the neither loser nor winner. Young marines and the Vietnamese are victims. With a marcetta input in the story and a sergeant Hartman for many of the evil, nor is evil always in the cinema. From the history of cinema. ABOUT IRIS TO 21

Brad Pitt and Julia Roberts together in THE MEXICAN: what do you want more? He is gorgeous in a double-t-shirt, it has the look and the permanent, vintage-style, the the ruberesti. Of course you would also to him that in the movie is his friend. A gun is valuable: The Mexican delivered in Mexico recuparare, in fact… ON LA7D-21.30

Keira Knightley and Clive Owen are the super-stars of KING ARTHUR, the blockbuster from Disney, the legends of the knights of king Arthur, Lancelot and guinevere, the Holy Grail. Keira is a Geneva-warrior action and energy, beautiful and fair. The film is famous because in the poster the enhanced Breasts with photoshop. And you, the warrior, in life. ON SPIKE-21.30

tonight in the tv-film, clear, king arthur

Keira Knightley, a Geneva, a warrior in King Arthur, on Spike-21.30

The king of the day/night Bradley Cooper. Two movies for him tonight on TV, of course. The first is LIMITLESS, the film has launched. One of his first main role. Is a writer in crisis, makes a kind of Pact with the “devil”. And the devil is a drug developed inifinito his brain. She turned into a star. Also in the financial world. Of the policy. But the drug/drug addicted. Get used to it. And the life of the ex-writers in crisis is to say a hell, between the sharks of Wall Street and mafia-Russians… adrenaline is a little. ON THE A2 UNTIL you are 21

The second Bradley Cooper tonight on TV is a JOY, the heroine is a super and brilliant Jennifer Lawrence. The Queen of the movie she is desperate to be in the role of the housewife, that he invented the mocho for clean floors. Literally. History, hyper-feminine and feminist ransom. Joy, like Joy Mangano, the protagonist, a true story, which looks like a movie. That “you alone” liberated from parents and classmates. Joy, like the joy we all need. ON RAI MOVIE AT 21.10

Today, Keanu Reeves is a super-star-cinema-and-social? JOHN WICK is the movie that has reported, is in fashion in the American box-office, after a period of crisis. Star Matrix a former killer, the most dangerous New York is, that he three lives. The woman dies and leaves behind a dog. His only love, along with his old car. Then the mafia, the Russians break into your house and.. The revenge of John Wick even further. The success of this film is not over triggered a saga yet. ON ITALIA 1 TO 21.25

To see the movies in the family, the tonight on the television clearly, THE PENGUINS MR POPPER, or Jim Carrey, if it was not dark as today, but still the king of Comedy of the absurd. Here is a big Finance is available, heritage 6 penguins. And keeps you in the house. Your children can have fun… ON NINE TO 21: 30

Good evening, tonight on TV…