Tonight on TV: what you see on Wednesday, the 25. March 2020


The main evening programme on television on Wednesday, the 25. March 2020


Rai 1 – night in VeniceAlberto Angela, in a new, fascinating journey through the night. After the success of the Egyptian Museum of Florence and San Pietro, is Venice. A stage full of art, love, intrigue, and shops, on the moving figures, such as Goldoni, Vivaldi, Marco Polo and Casanova. A trip to famous masterpieces of art, between the marble and the gold of the mosaics of the Basilica of San Marco, the silence of the lagoon, the glitter of the Grand Canal, but also a behind-the-scenes look at the Fenice, or in a reduction in the Venetian ‘700. You will discover a unique city in the world, which she loved, sophistication, music, gambling, and beautiful courtesans, Angela brings us in a night around the lagoon, up to revise it, and on the water reflections pink alba…As always, great guests for a production, the complete of the Rai in 4K, Hdr function, with spectacular footage from drones, helicopters, visual effects, mini fiction. Everything in the service of a great cultural operation of Rai1.

Rai 2 – Maltese – roman-Commissioner, 1976. The chief of police Dario Maltese back from Rome in his city, Trapani, of the missing for twenty years as a witness to the wedding of your friend, Gianni, Commissioner of the city. The man is killed but, with his bride before the eyes of Dario on the eve of the wedding. Maltese such certificate, to transfer decide, to Trapani, to light on the death of your friend.

Rai 3 – Presadirettaspecial-Coronavirus: The challenge of Italy to A special episode of PresaDiretta emergency coronavirus. A deepening in all areas, the measures and the forces involved in the fight against the emergency Covid 19, on the health, science and the economy, in Italy and in the rest of the world. The stories and the testimonies of the doctors of the first line of the front, the every day fight against the virus. The extraordinary economic measures initiated by the government. To find the race against time the scientific world to the containment of contagion and solutions. The civil society is responding, and local administrators are obliged, in contrast to the emergency doctor. Europe and the whole world that you have to run for cover and follow the Italian model for the management of the pandemic. Testimonials, stories, guests, and interviews with Riccardo Iacona, live, for an evening with a special recess on the epidemic, our life has changed.

Rai Movie – Joythe true story of Joy Mangano, American businesswoman, despite the many difficulties, successful, character, success, and celebrity television. Golden Globe 2016, Jennifer Lawrence.


Network-4 – from the choir, dates, the investigation of facts and the interpretation of the themes that warm the political timeliness and the reporting.

Channel 5 – Big Brother VipAlfonso Signorini leads the prime time big brother Vip, now in its fourth edition. Excitement and fun with competitors vip in the famous house of Cinecitta’.

Italy 1 – John Wick, Keanu Reeves is a ex-killer has turned his back on page and began a new life. But something forces him back to his feet, and the ghosts of the past.

Premium cinema – Adele and the secret of the Pharaoh, 1912. The intrepid young journalist Adèle Blanc-Sec is ready to do what achieved its objectives, and is coming to Egypt to tackle mummies of all shapes and sizes. But meanwhile, Paris is in a panic: a pterodactyl-egg-136 million years old, preserved in a vitrine at the museum of natural history, suddenly and mysteriously opened by a bird, frightened over the skies of the city. But nothing Adèle Blanc-Sec worry..

Iris – Full Metal Jacket masterpiece by Stanley Kubrick, shows the madness of war and its cruel folly, against the background of the conflict of the USA in Vietnam.

Other stations

La7 – Atlantis: angels and demonsspecial stories and people and worlds. Andrea Will Guide You To Purgatory.

Tv8 – Antonino Chef Academy Chef Cannavacciuolo is seeking young chefs for the brigade of the Villa Crespi. the guest of the chief of India’s Ritu Dalmia, one of the most influential people in the gastronomy.

Nine – The penguins Mr. PopperMr. Popper (an irresistible Jim Carrey), a businessman, a cynical and disinterested and non-resident parent and anaffettivo, receives the news of the death of the father, he has for years. The man is in the past, a better life during an expedition to the Antarctic and left the son an inheritance of something bizarre: a group of penguins. Not groomed, but real! After the first, and foreseeable difficulties of the adaptation, the Popper is at the end, you can transform your apartment in New York in a kind of amusement Park in winter. With good peace of work, the finally, in a step before the abyss…

Sky Cinema 1 – Nine-moons-and-a-halfLina and Tina are two sisters, very different and have a completely opposite view of motherhood: the first cellist who does not want to have children, while the second, a traffic policeman, the looks, the go to mommy, but not pregnant. The two are very un-and, therefore, Lina decides, as a surrogate mother for Tina, who say it all without nothing to the respective companions and that of your family. This is comical to the source of a series of misunderstandings and situations of tragedy.

Fox Stumptown, Cobie Smulders (Robin from “How I Met Your Mother’) is Dex Parios, a private investigator with a past in the army, in this adaptation of a graphic novel.

(On the photo Alberto Angela)