Very small! Yuliett Torres is very short with what has been put!


We’re going to start to think about that Yuliett Towers has a sense of fashion own anything that coincides with the canons set forth, nor with the trends. Note that they have caught like a pair of scissors and cut her garments, there is no other explanation possible. This time has been too short in fabric!

Nothing served that some time ago the account of Instagram of Yuliett was closed for having a liking to show too much, the model has returned to the old ways and back to the buildings where what matters is not the minimum size of the clothing but the size of its silhouette and with the little dream of us today is very clear!

Is it not true that with the perched profile style Sol Perez you can not hide anything? Did you see the volume that is spent?

And is that seeing in this way gives the impression that the athlete you want to change your profession and try as dressmaker or designer because take the scissors and cut the length of pants and dresses is very common in your style!

It happened with a few shorts that did not meet the minimum requirements to be considered pants, and today has returned to go with a dress that dress has little because most could pass for a jersey!

Already not is that is too small or mini… it’s that there is no qualifying to designate it!

Torres falls short on garments with knowledge of the facts and with the reason, as always, to brighten the retina of all who are about to look at it and convince the staff of what is cool that is to get clothes to stop that you will notice the curves.

Don’t know if we will reach the limits of before but it is very close!… and the censorship also, Yuliett!